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Lined Curtains

My Bathroom Curtains Bathroom curtains might not be the most interesting topic in the world to blog about, but since I was quite pleased with the results I thought I’ll post some pictures anyway.

I particularly like the fabric (home decor weight fabric by Amy Butler), it’s jolly and colourful, and manages to be both slightly retro and modern at the same time. I am a big fan of Amy Butler.

Bathroom Curtain Detail

From a sewing point of view it was a new learning experience for me because I decided to line the curtains with light-blocking thermal fabric. We live in an old poorly-insulated house, and in the winter it tends to rather chilly, so I’ve decided to line all the curtains I make. Although it wasn’t particularly difficult, it took me a couple goes to decide the best way to go about it (foolishly, I was too impatient to search for any instructions, I thought it’ll be easy enough to figure it out). Yes I did figure it out, but no doubt I would’ve saved some time by doing some research first.

In the end I decided to leave the net curtains the previous owner had left behind. I rather like them as I thought they go nicely with the mood of the Amy Butler fabric … oops, have I just confessed publicly I like net curtains… how untrendy is that! Well, they’re sort of retro, aren’t they?


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Shabby Chic Curtains

My grandmother had a linen cupboard full of old-fashioned white cotton bed linen, decorated with lace and embroidered initials. When she passed away, my mother, aunt and I inherited these sheets. They’re of excellent quality, really thick cotton that is not easy to find these days. But after many years (decades even) of use,  some of these sheets have worn out.

Being a hoarder of all types of things that might come in handy one day, I’ve kept all the lace, stored in a box which is full of romantic and feminine things such as lace, doilies and handkerchiefs. Things that I’ve either inherited or found on eBay, things that I often take out and admire, but never really use for anything.

That’s because as much as I love the contents of that box, I have found it a little bit difficult to think of what to do with them. Some of them are very fragile and not in a very good condition. And on the whole, my taste in interior decoration is not very frilly and feminine, so lace doesn’t really go with it.

But when I needed curtains for my sewing room, I thought something old-fashioned and feminine would be just the right thing. The main body of the curtains is made of old lacy handkerchiefs and I’ve used different types of border lace to fill in any gaps. I hand-sewed the pieces together, which wasn’t nearly as slow as I originally thought. In fact I found it strangely soothing and almost addictive. Despite the shabbiness of the lace, I quite like the results as the curtains  suit the little attic room perfectly.