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Vaila Jumper


My Vaila jumperMy Vaila jumper is finally ready. I bought the yarn (Madelinetosh Vintage) for a Christmas present for myself last year (yes I can always think of a good excuse to buy some expensive luxury yarn…).

My previous big jumpers that I had knitted had suffered from sagging, so this time I wanted to make sure I chose a good yarn from a crimpy wool like Merino to make sure the jumper will hold its shape.

I started knitting it January, but didn’t get round to finishing it by the time summer arrived. Any pattern that contains lace always takes me at least ten times longer, because inevitable I would make a mistake, and then the project would hibernate for weeks before I can face trying to fix the problem.

But as soon as the autumn arrived out came the jumper again and, having had a head start, it is ready just in time for the chilly weather.

I made a few modifications to the pattern. I left out the lace panel at the back and instead of the reverse stockinette stitch, I chose to do it standard stockinette stitch. I wasn’t in a mood for all that purling, plus I didn’t like the way the reverse stockinette stitch looked like in this yarn. It somehow looked a bit dull, the very subtle semi-solid variegation on this yarn wasn’t quite enough to lift it.

I love this jumper, it’s exactly what I needed and I practically live in it at the moment. And so far at least it definitely hasn’t sagged, which I am pleased about.

As I live in a hundred year old poorly insulated house, I always need lots of really thick jumpers so I have already started another one.  But given all those secret can’t-be-blogged-about projects that are going on at this time of the year, I don’t have very much time for knitting it right at the moment, but I am definitely hoping to finish it before the winter ends.


Author: Heidi

I love colour wherever I find it, in art, photography, gardens, nature. I also love all kinds of fiber arts; spinning, dyeing, knitting, felting, sewing.

2 thoughts on “Vaila Jumper

  1. Beautiful! How do you like the MadTosh?

  2. I like it very much, it is smooth and completely non-itchy as you would expect from Merino, a real pleasure to knit with. Madelinetosh Vintage quite a heavy yarn, not airy and fluffy, but there’s enough crimp in the wool to keep even a big garment in shape. However it is already pilling a little bit, as I suspect any Merino or other super soft yarn would do, I’m probably wearing it a bit too much at the moment! So ideally it would be best for garments that get gentle wear, like a hat for example.

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