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My Knitting Baskets (bursting at the seams)


My Knitting Baskets

One knitting basket was never going to be enough

I am definitely a process knitter. When I knit, I hardly think of the goal – the finished end product – I just knit. Yes it is handy to have a nice garment at the end of it, but that’s very much of secondary importance to me compared to the soothing, relaxing process of knitting.

That probably explains why I always have so many knitting projects on the go at the same time, requiring different levels of thought and concentration, from which I can always pick the most suitable one for the moment.

I always need at least one or two very easy projects for those moments (the majority of them I must admit) when I just want something simple for my hands to do on an auto-pilot, no thought required. Then, for the sake of having a challenge, there are some colour work or lace projects (with these I have a bad tendency to get stuck and they spend a lot of time hibernating, waiting for a suitable moment to make some progress again).

Because there are always so many works in progress, my knitting basket was getting very full. I always had to empty to whole basket on the floor to find anything in there, very frustrating as I am sure you can appreciate. A part of the problem was that at the moment I have several big bulky winter projects currently on a summer break –  my never-ending Vera jumper that I have now been knitting for two years and a Vaila jumper which I started last winter and  didn’t quite manage to finish before the cold season ended. And there’s the sock yarn blanket, another big bulky multi-year project.

My Vaila Jumper, with the never-ending Vera jumper at the back

Although I hadn’t finished my winter projects by the time the sun came out, like all knitters I was compelled to start lighter summer projects in all sorts of summery colours. So I started a second version of the Crocus Bud crochet shawl and a second Clearwing jumper, knitting it this time from undyed linen (Sparrow yarn from Quince & Co in colourway Sans).  These were my main projects just before my summer holiday and, I do admit, a rational knitter would have taken these projects with her when going away, just to finish them off and have a chance to actually use them before the end of the summer.

My second Clearwing jumper in undyed linen from Quince & Co

But somehow a holiday doesn’t feel like a holiday unless you get to do something new and exciting, so I decided not to take the rational approach but start two new projects instead to take away with me.

The first one was an Abigail cardi which my sister and I decided to do together as a sort of mini-Knit-Along. When my sister visited me a couple of months ago I was teaching her how to follow knitting patterns. After the visit she wanted to knit herself a cardigan but she thought she might need some extra help to interpret the instructions. So we thought it would make sense if I knitted the same pattern  so that I could help with any questions she might have. We started knitting the cardigans together when I was in Finland, but she has definitely overtaken me by now and no doubt will finish hers soon.

Abigail cardi from Tern yarn by Quince & CO (in colourway Seagrass)

On a holiday you of course need a small easy handbag sized project that you can whip out when sitting in a cafe or a park bench. A pattern that you can just knit while watching the world go by, not having to worry about following a pattern. For this purpose I started a second version of the 3S shawl (this summer definitely has lots of second versions of great patterns being knitted). The first one I knitted for my sister from a lace yarn. This time I am using Soliloquy sock lace yarn which I am really enjoying knitting. Being a merino-silk mix it feels almost as smooth as cotton and the thickness is great for a scarf, a bit heavier than lace yarn but not too heavy, so all in all it’s an ideal yarn for a summer scarf. And mine is a lovely shade of coral, sort of orangey pink, a wonderful summer colour.

At the front, the 3S shawl knitted from Soliloquy sock lace, and the Crocus Bud crochet shawl at the back.

So there you are, the contents of my knitting baskets. But now I definitely have to finish at least some of them, before I am allowed to start any new projects.


Author: Heidi

I love colour wherever I find it, in art, photography, gardens, nature. I also love all kinds of fiber arts; spinning, dyeing, knitting, felting, sewing.

5 thoughts on “My Knitting Baskets (bursting at the seams)

  1. Sorry to hear you have been ill. It is interesting how many people I have met in the knitting community, myself included, that started knitting after they got ill!

    I have been keeping myself to a strict one or two (tops!!!) WIPs in the fear that if I had more nothing would ever get finished. That said, I have a healthy queue started and am always planning ahead for more projects as I knit!

    You have inspired me with this post, though, and the decadent look of your project baskets. I think I will go crazy and allow myself…three.

    HAH! 😉

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments! I admire your self-discipline about WIPs, it is definitely a more sensible approach. After all you will get more things to wear/give away as presents much quicker that way. So perhaps you will be my inspiration for trying to be a bit more disciplined about WIPs!


  2. Just read your ‘knitting basket bursting at the seams’ and I found so much within what you say to be like myself. I have one large blue basket and I am tempted to buy another as it is bursting as well. I have bags at the back of the sofa with half completed projects as I get asked to knit items as orders – very small scale at the moment. The auto pilot too is so true as some nights after work you don’t have the concentration levels for the complex patterns. I have tried to be more disciplined and really need a new cardigan so I promise to myself and family I won’t buy anymore wool until it is done!

    • We are definitely alike. Good luck with your promise of not buying any more wool (I am recently made a similar promise myself, the second time this year as I failed to keep the first promise… this time I really mean it (well I did mean it the last time too, but wasn’t quite strong enough…) 😉

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