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The Clearwing Jumper

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Clearwing Jumper from Rowan Revive yarnIt’s always a delight to find a knitting pattern that is both simple and clever, one that is easy to knit but educational at the same time. This happened to me recently when I was browsing Ravelry, looking for a pattern for a summer jumper. The yarn I had chosen, Rowan Revive in col0urway Firestone, was a reasonably busy one, so I wanted a pattern that is a simple and plain as possible.

Simple patterns often get lost in the crowd in Ravelry, your eye naturally gets drawn to all those elaborate design elements that make a pattern unique. But when I saw the Clearwing pattern I thought it would work well with the yarn. And as soon as I started knitting the pattern I realised that it had several clever construction techniques that will definitely come in handy in future projects too.

The jumper is knitted top down and it comes with a V-neck and raglan sleeves,  a classic style that is always useful to know how to knit. The neckline was constructed by first knitting a narrow band that goes around the neck, and it was from the side of this band that you pick up the stitches for the main part of the jumper – very clever indeed, particularly as the band keeps the neck from stretching and there’s no need for a ribbing. The edge of the sleeves and the hem were finished with an i-cord bind-off, something that I hadn’t done before but again a really useful technique to know about as it gives a nice and neat finish to the garment.

Once you’ve knitted the pattern once to get familiar with the techniques, it would be easy to adjust to different sizes and gauges so I will definitely use this one again, probably very soon as I’ve just bought some linen yarn that I want to knit a short sleeved top from.

Rowan Revive YarnThe Rowan Revive yarn is made from recycled cotton, silk and polyester fibers. I am all for recycling fibers, but it’s definitely a nice enough yarn to use even if recycling itself is not your thing. I normally try to avoid artificial fibers in jumpers, but in this case I decided to make an exception, just to support the idea of recycling fibers and creating beautiful new yarns from them.

As the yarn gives quite a busy surface pattern, with hindsight I probably should have left out the neck embellishment in the Clearwing pattern, it did not need it. But by the time I realised this I was too lazy to undo what I had just knitted. I like the end result neverthless, it’s a nice and useful everyday jumper that goes well with blue jeans.



Here in the UK last weekend the whole country was celebrating the Diamond Jubilee (Queen Elizabeth’s 60 years on the throne). We even got an extra day off for it. Even in our little village there were several days’ worth of special events, including a street party on Sunday afternoon. I know that at least my mum and dad in Finland would like to see a few photos from the party so here they are – I hope others enjoy them too!

Diamond Jubilee Party Food

Diamond Jubilee village party

Diamond Jubilee Party Dog


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