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Drifter Jumper


a cable detail in the Drifter jumper

Here’s a project I finished ages ago, but never got round to showing the photos on this blog. This was one of my pre-Christmas secret knitting projects as it was a combined birthday and Christmas present for my brother. So here you are, finally, the “Drifter” jumper knitted from Rowan Cocoon yarn (colourway Crag).  The pattern is published in the Rowan magazine number 48.

Drifter jumperApologies for a not-so-great photograph – I would have preferred to photograph the jumper being worn by my brother as it looks really good on him, but unfortunately I forgot to do it when the jumper and my brother were here in the UK. My brother and his wife (who live in Finland) have recently had a new baby boy and since they are now parents to two little boys under 3 they are rather busy as you can imagine. That’s why I did not want to hassle him about photographing the jumper and emailing the photos to me, I’m sure you understand!

I’ve used Rowan Cocoon yarn before, when I knitted the Hiker jumper from the same magazine for my husband. Although I really enjoyed knitting this yarn – it is very soft and fluffy after all – I was quite disappointed about how it performed in use. It is piling very badly and the jumper itself almost instantly stretched so that it’s nearly double the size now. It stretched even more when I hand washed it so it is pretty much unusable now. A real shame, after all that effort! I am debating now whether to unravel it or felt it, either way the only option is to make something else out of it, it’s no use as a jumper any more.

So needless to say I was very disappointed with Cocoon, but I had already bought the yarn for the Drifter jumper so I had no choice but to use it again. This time I changed the needle size to a smaller one to make the structure tighter and this seems to have done the trick as my brother’s jumper hasn’t stretched so much. The pattern itself probably helped as it has large-scale ribs as well as cables which help to keep it pulled in sideways. But nevertheless, despite all the lovely jumper patterns Rowan has designed for this yarn, I would not recommend Cocoon for large and heavy items, it’s probably more suitable for things like hats and scarves.


Author: Heidi

I love colour wherever I find it, in art, photography, gardens, nature. I also love all kinds of fiber arts; spinning, dyeing, knitting, felting, sewing.

2 thoughts on “Drifter Jumper

  1. What a shame about the cocoon yarn, I’ve often looked at it and never used it. The Drifter jumper looks fab though well done, I might have to make it myself but choose something else to knit it in. My son would love one like this.

  2. Hello Judi! It’s a great pattern, easy and for a jumper quick to knit. I think the trouble with Cocoon is that it is very loosely spun, so it is not very durable, plus it’s not a very bouncy yarn so it stretches easily. Perhaps a merino yarn of similar thickness would work better.

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