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Parasol Stole, finally ready


Parasol StoleMy Parasol stole, which I started last summer, has finally been finished and blocked. I had intended to wear it at a wedding which I went to back in August but as I started it two weeks before the event, I just couldn’t finish it on time. And then soon after that I had to abandon it and start knitting various birthday gifts and Christmas presents. I only got back to it after the Christmas rush and now it is finally done. But after all that, I am really pleased with it.

I knitted it quite a bit longer than the instructions recommended, mainly because I wanted to be able to wrap it around my shoulders. Nevertheless, it only took two skeins of Alice sock yarn by Juno (the colour is French Gray). It’s a lovely yarn with all sorts of gorgeous luxury fibers in it. I think it’s far too delicate for socks, but it’s ideal for shawls and scarves. I chose sock yarn weight rather than lace weight yarn because I wanted to make sure I would be warm enough in a sleeveless dress (I hate having cold shoulders!).

I thought the pattern was great and I can see myself using it again (find it on Ravelry here). It’s lacy and feminine but not too frilly because of the ribbing in the middle. And the ribbing made it faster and easier to knit – I don’t have the brain power and concentration to knit lace while watching tv or listening to something but the ribbing meant that the main part was not too complicated. It also helps the drape, the stole stays on the shoulders really well and doesn’t slide off. So all in all, it’s a really useful shawl to have, and an ideal one to go with party dresses.


Author: Heidi

I love colour wherever I find it, in art, photography, gardens, nature. I also love all kinds of fiber arts; spinning, dyeing, knitting, felting, sewing.

4 thoughts on “Parasol Stole, finally ready

  1. It’s really lovely, the colour is gorgeous, I must track the pattern down on Ravelry and make one.

  2. That’s a really pretty stole. I always like seeing nice lace patterns being done in simple white. It makes the whole thing look like an heirloom!

    • Thanks Ria, I agree lace shawls done in neutral colours look very timeless. And a neutral colour allows the pattern to shine without competition from a bright colour.

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