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The Haven Scarf


Haven Scarf

My “Learning to Knit Lace” -project is progressing extremely well. My Haven scarf is now finished, and I didn’t even need to use lifelines at all. Well it was a nice and easy pattern, I must admit, and when you are knitting with such a chunky yarn it is easy to see what the pattern is doing. But nevertheless I am pleased. I’d definitely recommend the pattern for a first lace knitting project.

The yarn I used for this project is Araucania’s Coliumo Solid, in a lovely berry red shade. Despite the name, the colour isn’t plain solid, there are lighter and darker areas so I’d call it semi-solid. But whatever you call it, I love the colour and the multi-tonal effect. It is a super-chunky single yarn, very loosely spun but slightly felted which makes it quite stable. I am thinking it would be lovely to knit a jumper with this yarn, it would be very cosy and warm.


Author: Heidi

I love colour wherever I find it, in art, photography, gardens, nature. I also love all kinds of fiber arts; spinning, dyeing, knitting, felting, sewing.

3 thoughts on “The Haven Scarf

  1. How/where can I get this pattern & how many skeins does it take?

  2. The pattern is published in Kim Hargreaves’ book “Heartfelt – The Dark House Collection” (

    The pattern recommends you will need 461 m of Rowan Cocoon, which is about 4 balls (=400g) of this particular yarn. Having said that, the pattern is fairly flexible, so I can imagine it will work with lots of different types of yarn, and you can change the size of the scarf and yarn requirement fairly easily. I used a different yarn, Araucania’s Coliumo Solid, which is also a fairly bulky yarn and I used 400g (4 skeins) of it to make a fairly large/wide scarf.

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