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My Polo-Neck Jumper

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PoloNeckJumper_NoroA few weeks back I finally finished my polo-neck jumper that I had been knitting from Noro Yuzen yarn. As a project it was a bit of an experiment: I haven’t knitted any jumpers for ages (= not since I was a teenager…) and I bought the yarn first before picking the pattern, so I then had to find a pattern to match the yarn. I wanted to find a very straightforward pattern for a classic polo-necked jumper. The closest I came to that in Ravelry was a pattern from Drops, a jumper with raglan sleeves and cables.

Using a Noro yarn was also a bit of an experiment as I hadn’t used Noro yarn for any big knitting projects before. I had chosen the yarn because I loved the peacock colours of vibrant blue, turquoise and purple and I was looking forward to seeing the slow colour changes so typical of Noro. Unfortunately what I had not taken into account was that if you knit in the round, each row is quite long which makes the colours change pretty frequently. So instead of the lovely slow transitions I ended up with a stripy jumper (except in the sleeves were the colours change more slowly).

At first I was a bit disappointed about the stripyness, but then I decided to just live with it. And now I don’t mind it at all, I even like it.  I was also concerned that the cables in the pattern would not go with the stripes, that it’ll end up looking too busy, but I decided to knit the cables anyway. And again, I think I just got away with it.

I ended up making quite a few minor modifications to the pattern. Firstly I made the jumper much longer than in the pattern, because I wanted it in a tunic length, to go with skinny jeans. I also made the sleeves longer as they looked really short initially, but unfortunately they’re still just a little bit too short. I also made the polo neck straight rather than flared, as I didn’t like the flared look.

So despite my initial doubts and concerns, I ended up with a jumper I really like. The colour is just wonderful, I love the vibrant blue and turquoise mixed with the more moody sea green and purple. It’s a cosy and homely jumper, one you’d wear on a cold autumn day when snuggling up on a sofa, or perhaps in a pub next to an open fire, after a brisk country walk (not that I do brisk country walks because of my ME but I can do the sitting next to an open fire bit). So all in all, it turned out better than I had expected.


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I love colour wherever I find it, in art, photography, gardens, nature. I also love all kinds of fiber arts; spinning, dyeing, knitting, felting, sewing.

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