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The Hiker Jumper: unexpected complications


The Hiker Jumper, detailI’ve never knitted a jumper for my husband (well, lets face it, I haven’t knitted a jumper for anyone since I was a teenager), so I thought it’s about time I knitted something for him, like a good knitting wife should. Last autumn’s Rowan magazine 48 had several nice chunky jumpers for men and luckily Hugh liked one of them, the Hiker. It’s a fairly plain relaxed weekend sort of jumper, with some nice ribbing details.

The yarn is Rowan Cocoon, in dark greeny blue colour “Seascape” (a colour which naturally is a favourite of mine). Knitting it has been truly pleasurable, it’s a yarn that is incredibly soft and tactile. And being so chunky, it has been very fast to knit with size 7 needles.

So up until last week the project was going really well, and only a few weeks after starting I had all the pieces ready to be sewn together.

But then, the trouble started. Although I had followed the measurements in the pattern, it suddenly struck me that the sleeves are looking surprisingly long. So before sewing the second sleeve on, I got Hugh to try it on, and yes, although the body was the right size the sleeves were way too long. Based on the picture in the magazine the sleeves are supposed to be on the long side, but what looks cool and relaxed on the model looked just plain silly on Hugh (and it’s definitely the jumper’s fault, not his!). It looked like “my wife made me this jumper and didn’t know when to stop knitting, and now I am just wearing it because I don’t want to hurt her feelings”. I do have my pride, so the sleeves will have to come off, unravelled and re-knitted, there’s no other option.

Why didn’t I check the sleeves before sewing one on? Or better still, as I was knitting the first one? I just thought if I follow the pattern it’ll be OK. Naive perhaps. Well, I’ve learned my lesson now!


Author: Heidi

I love colour wherever I find it, in art, photography, gardens, nature. I also love all kinds of fiber arts; spinning, dyeing, knitting, felting, sewing.

2 thoughts on “The Hiker Jumper: unexpected complications

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  2. Hi. No need to unravel. Just place a knitting needle through the sleeve horizontally at a convenient row one stitch at a time, then just unravel a little bit and reknit to the correct size.

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