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So many knitting projects, so little…

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A jumper from Noro YuzenThis week I’ve started a new knitting project, a polo-neck jumper using Noro Yuzen yarn. The pattern is a free Ravelry pattern from Drops (“Knitted  Drops jumper with raglan and cables”).

Noro Yuzen

Noro Yuzen (colourway 2)

Didn’t you only a few days ago start a new sock knitting project, I hear you ask. Yes I did … and no they are not done yet, although I am “nearly there”.

In fact, I have to confess I’ve got 5 knitting projects on the go at the moment. Two blankets (which are long term projects worked on whenever I am in the right mood and have suitable yarns), two jumpers (one of which, a Rowan pattern is “temporarily” on hold, as it takes a bit more concentration that I can currently manage) and a pair of socks. And then there’s the crochet cardigan, which is also perhaps a week away from being ready.

A jumper from Noro YuzenI know I am not the only one who feels I ought to be rational and sensible and only work on one project at the time. In fact, I was having an email conversation with my friend Kate about this only today. She too feels she should finish a project before starting another, but she wasn’t quite managing it. Having read other people’s blogs, she said she was relieved to notice that she’s not the only person with that “problem”. I don’t think any of us quite manage it. My dad is the only craftsperson I know who only works on one project at a time. But he is super-sensible and organised. The rest of us have a tendency to get enthusiastic about new exciting things we can do. It’s not that we don’t get anything finished, it is just it is more fun to have the variety and be able to pick a project that you most feel like doing that day.

I also like having projects of different degrees of difficulty on the go. One challenging one that takes 100% focus, another easy one for the tv knitting in the evening or when you’re feeling too tired for anything complex, and a few others in between. In fact, I enjoy the process of knitting more than actually completing projects (fun though it is to be able to wear something you’ve knitting yourself). The blankets are a good example, I am not worried about ever finishing them, I just enjoy the knitting.

But in the interest of having a bit of self-control, I’ve decided to have a new self-imposed rule: I am not allowed to have more than 5 knitting/crochet projects on at the same time. Any more than that I think and I start forgetting what I am working on. So from now on, if I want to start something new, I’ve got to finish one of the existing projects first.


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I love colour wherever I find it, in art, photography, gardens, nature. I also love all kinds of fiber arts; spinning, dyeing, knitting, felting, sewing.

One thought on “So many knitting projects, so little…

  1. Trust me you are not alone, I have a blanket, a scarf, and an ishbel shawl waiting to be finished and I’m stressing about not having the right needles to teach my myself two socks on one circular needle. Oh and a pair of socks nearly done.

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