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Patchwork Garden Chair Covers


Patchwork Garden Chair CoversThe canvas covers of my garden chairs were getting very faded, and this weekend I decided to give them a make-over. I wanted something bright and summery, and so I chose fabrics from Amy Butler’s Mid West Modern and Heather Bailey’s Pop Garden collections, with a few other fabrics thrown in. Patchwork fabrics on their own are not really strong enough for these kinds of covers, but I left the old canvas inside to provide support.

It’s exactly the kind of project I love, allowing me to play with colours and fabrics. Initially, I had chosen a fairly tonal colour scheme of different shades of bright pink, with some splashes of orange. Unfortunately, this scheme seemed a bit stuffy and dull (if you can call a combination of pink and orange dull…).Patchwork garden chair covers

So it soon became clear that I needed to introduce a bit of contrast. Green being one of my favourite colours I had plenty of those that I could use. In the end, I added one yellow fabric as well. When working on patchwork projects, my first instinct is always to choose different tones of one colour, but in most cases, when I have played with the fabrics a bit more and thought about it, I realise that colour schemes that are too tonal and harmonious just don’t work (at least for me). You need some contrast, so it often takes at least three main shades before the result looks interesting.In this case, the colour scheme ended up being childishly, unashemedly colourful.

Patchwork Chair CoversUnfortunately, Hugh, my normally very supportive husband is not too keen on them. He thinks they are not very manly. Well, I can’t really argue agaist that. I do admit they are not very “manly”. He says he’s going to have to go and buy some more masculine chairs on which he can sit. Well, I like them anyway! I get that joie de vivre feeling whenever I see them …


Author: Heidi

I love colour wherever I find it, in art, photography, gardens, nature. I also love all kinds of fiber arts; spinning, dyeing, knitting, felting, sewing.

2 thoughts on “Patchwork Garden Chair Covers

  1. Gorgeous, I love them, so does my husband!

  2. Thank you Judi, I’m so glad to hear that!! 😀

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