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A Needle Case from Vintage Fabrics


Patchwork Needle Case from Vintage Fabrics

I’ve been on a slight crafty detour over the last couple of days. I was hoping to sew some patchwork projects for the garden but these projects are still in my head (although I have managed to wash and pre-shrink the fabrics so they are now ready to go).

Instead, I felt a sudden need to organise my needles – this has never happened before (I’m not one of those enviable people whose craft tools and materials are kept neatly organised) so I thought I’d better follow the inspiration before it goes away….

A Patchwork Needle Case from Vintage Fabrics, detailMy inspiration came from a  mini-patchwork needle case I saw in a magazine. It looked so cute I wanted to make one for myself. I used tiny scaps of vintage fabrics from my recent quilt project. 

I did not cut each square individually, but I first sewed long thin strips together before cutting them the other way, saving lots of time and effort.Patchwork needle case, detail from the back

I also decided to add a little pocket for my tapestry needles at the back, as they are too blunt to go through the fabric. In the end I fixed a piece of leftover ribbon to the front so that I can keep a pair of scissors in the case too.

Unfortunately I must say the sewing itself doesn’t look very professional. When you are working on such small scale, even small wonkiness in sewing means that the edges of the squares are not really properly aligned. And my sewing is always a bit wonky even on a good day! And this one was made on a day I was feeling tired and impatient (not a good mood for crafts I admit…). 

But this needle case is just for myself rather than a gift, so it doesn’t bother me, at least it looks home-made! Making such a miniature project was a lot of fun. It’s great to be able to complete a piece of work so fast. A real quick-fix dose of crafting!


Author: Heidi

I love colour wherever I find it, in art, photography, gardens, nature. I also love all kinds of fiber arts; spinning, dyeing, knitting, felting, sewing.

2 thoughts on “A Needle Case from Vintage Fabrics

  1. Thank you Judi! I’m glad you like it 🙂

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