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Japanese Floral Fabrics

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Black Japanese Floral FabricsIn the final part of this week’s Japanese theme, I wanted to show you pictures of some of my Japanese floral prints that I bought from Fabric Tales.

I found several black fabrics that I particularly liked. They have a certain retro charm about them, and being black, they are romantic but not too sweet. I have made several make-up bags from these fabrics, I think their style  is ideally suited to that purpose. But unfortunately, I gave them away as presents before photographing them (a mistake I promise not to repeat!).

Colourful Japanese Floral Fabrics Another group of floral fabrics that I bought are more colourful, with either red back ground or red flowers. These fabrics too look An Oven Mitten from floral Japanese fabricsnice and retro to my eyes, but their colours make them look a lot more childish, girly and fun. The Japanese of course do girly things particularly well. Someone might say these fabrics are a bit twee, and I can’t really argue against that, but I think they have real charm and so I like them a lot. In addition to the print, they also have an nice woven texture.  

I think these fabrics suit the kitchen too, so I’ve made an oven mitten from them and I’m also planning to make a tea cosy when I get round to it. I’ve used these to make pencil cases and  make-up bags too, and they made great girly presents.

Japanese floral fabrics with muted colours


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