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In Praise of Simple Knitting

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 Oh joy, oh joy, I received a big parcel of new knitting yarns yesterday! I received an email about a special sale of Araucania yarns from Stash Fine Yarns  on Thursday, and I can rarely resist those kinds of email offers, particularly if they’re to do with fabrics or yarns. So I “saved” quite a lot of money too (what a great excuse for re-stocking the yarn cupboard, as I keep telling myself). Most of the yarns I bought are hand-dyed multi-coloured ones, something which I’ve never used before so it’ll be an interesting experiment.

So what am I going to make from them? Well, I’ve been feeling a little bit frustrated with my “Zen” jumper project recently. I do like knitting it, but it does require undivided attention, so it is not really suitable for multi-tasking, such as knitting when having a chat with someone or while listening to crafty podcasts.

Last weekend, I was working on it when visiting my parents-in-law, and in the end I ended up having to undo most of what I had knitted that weekend because of all the mistakes I made. Because it is so slow to knit, I normally ignore all the mistakes, but this time the error was too big to ignore (I somehow managed to make the neck hole about 10cm too far to the right, a mistake too big to go unnoticed).

 As a result I came to the conclusion that I need another knitting project, a very simple one that requires zero focus, one that I can just knit on auto-pilot. My mum only knits socks for the same reason: she knows the pattern so well, that all she has to do is knit, perhaps while watching the telly. Occasionally she might knit some mittens, or perhaps a baby cardigan, but otherwise, just socks. Thanks to the one-woman sock making factory, you can imagine that the entire family is very well stocked in the woolly sock department and in the end there are still several pairs of socks donated to various charitable causes.

So when I saw those multi-coloured yarns on sale, I instantly knew they’re exactly what I need: colourful yarns for a patch-work styled knitted blanket. And some more for a few scarves. Yesterday I knitted my first blanket square, and it was great: no thinking required, just knitting. Very soothing, very meditative – of which I will be writing more in the next post….


Author: Heidi

I love colour wherever I find it, in art, photography, gardens, nature. I also love all kinds of fiber arts; spinning, dyeing, knitting, felting, sewing.

One thought on “In Praise of Simple Knitting

  1. Delighted you are pleased with your yarn Heidi! The Araucania is really scrummy :)) Helen x

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